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The story of how Leadspring came to be is different to that of other Marketing Agencies. It all began some 15 years ago when we – the Friday Media Group – moved our print business ‘The Friday-Ad’ into the online world. After adopting the World Wide Web early on, we were able to progress quickly and soon became hungry for more. Over time we ended up making a number of digital acquisitions and even built a number of our very own sites.

So, fast forward to today and as a group we own and operate around 90 websites within the Friday Media Group, many of which are market leaders. These attract over 12 million unique visitors a month (roughly 20% of the UK online population).

So how does this set us apart? Well, it means that we need a slick supporting cast of marketing gurus at the core of our business. Also, our dependence on the digital world for our internal operations means that we can’t afford to be complacent with our tactics.

This brings us round to how Leadspring came to be. After building up relationships with a vast network of local businesses over the years, through both the print and digital worlds in which we operate, we decided that it was time for us to start offering these businesses our expertise. Fast forward to today, Leadspring Local has been running for around four years and in that time we’ve helped hundreds of businesses reach new customers online, alongside generating more than 148,000 unique calls to our customers.

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